Zamcog is a UK registered, non-profit charity committed to empowering Zambia’s most at-risk children by funding urgently needed education and housing.

Established in 2003, the Charity started it’s journey by supporting 8 children in Makalulu Townships go to school. In the past 17 years, Zamcog has supported over 3,000 children in the same way.

While we have been privileged to witness the positive trajectory of many children’s lives, there are many more children who don’t currently have the access they deserve to education and housing. We need your help to make these basic human rights a reality to all children in Zambia.


Zamcog is a fundraising and grant-giving charity that provides access to education, housing and welfare services to support grassroots charities and initiatives working with at-risk children and youth in rural Zambia. Our mission is to empower students to reach their full potential and enable them to build more sustainable futures.


Students supported
Children and their families supported
Children currently housed and fed
Students currently enrolled inprimary and secondary schools
Students in further education and training
£4.4million raised


We have seen the enormous impact that stabilised education and safe housing has had on these children’s lives. In order to continue and grow this impact, we need your help to develop sustainable support for these children and their educational futures.


From our supported children…

Hellen Kasongo
“The generosity and care that Zamcog has shown to the vulnerable and less fortunate inspired me to try to be a voice for the voiceless. I hope my story will help people to continue believing in their dreams and encourage those who can, to support those who sincerely need it.”
Gilbert Lole
“This year I was given work at Zamcog Zambia under the sponsorship of Zamcog which I am very grateful for. I would love to say thank you to the Zamcog board and the management at LCC. May the almighty God continue blessing and protecting you all.”

Justina Banda
“I never imagined that tertiary education would be possible for me. We were very poor and my mother was not working. Everything seemed impossible because we never had any other relatives to help pay for my college.”
Jackson Limande
“Shitima [a school sponsored by Zamcog] became an answer to my adversities, it gave me hope to never back down because, with their sponsorship, I saw a light at the end of the tunnel,”

Beneficiary at Shitma School (sponsored by ZAMCOG)

Gilbert was orphaned and supported by Zamcog through the education, housing and feeding programmes

Justina received the necessary support from Zamcog to enter tertiary education.

A major beneficiary of the charity who was supported from primary education through to university